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Baby Making and Beyond is NOT meant to serve as a rulebook, a road map, or a list of requirements for you to follow. It’s not fully comprehensive, because the only fully comprehensive plan is the plan tailored directly to you, created with the help and clearance of YOUR healthcare provider(s). (We hope your HCP loves what we have to say.) You MUST clear anything you plan to do with your healthcare provider(s) before you do it. review our disclaimer, terms and conditions.


Baby Making and Beyond is not a personalized plan. It is a collection of information, inspired by what we, the authors, understand of preconception, pregnancy, and parenthood as informed by evolutionary biology, nutrition research, personal experience and experience with clients, and Meg’s experience as a midwife in both home and hospital settings. review our disclaimer, terms and conditions.


Every body is different. Each one of us has a unique epigenetic profile, hormonal status, bacterial balance, state of nutrition sufficiency, and ability to function under any given condition. Our unique bodily blueprints are the product of our entire upbringing, decades of nutritional and environmental inputs, and even the environment surrounding us and our parents and their parents before we were born. Therefore, no single change or set of changes (food, supplements, “detox” plans) can be said to work predictably, in the same way, for every person. If something doesn’t seem to be working for you, STOP. Your safety and health is of the utmost importance - which is why you must clear anything you’re doing with your healthcare provider(s). review our disclaimer, terms and conditions.