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Rock Your Journey to Parenthood

Parenthood is...intense.

Getting pregnant is intense. Being pregnant is intense. Having a tiny human that depends on you completely is beyond intense.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing - especially if you’ve got a whole community of wise women in your corner.

Women who have been there.

Women who happen to be nutritionists, birth professionals, scientists, exercise experts, and moms.

Women who bring you everything you need to feel empowered, supported, and like you’ve got this. From these women comes Baby Making & Beyond!

Education for Every Phase

Baby Making & Beyond is an instant-access online program. It’s an educational program built by experts, moms, and expert moms with classes about everything from diet to movement to exercise to lifestyle that will help you navigate the three stages of parenthood – Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum (and everything in between) with confidence.

Natural Fertility & Pre-Pregnancy Wellness

Preparing for pregnancy is the first stage of parenthood, and it can be overwhelming. Our Hormones & Fertility course will show you how to eat, exercise, move, and live to optimize your chances of getting pregnant naturally. We'll also clue you in on which nutrients you need to "load up on" before getting pregnant, how to decide which supplements to take, and what steps you can take to ensure your body is ready for baby.

Pregnancy Wellness

Whether you’re dealing with exhaustion, morning sickness, food aversions, or all the above, we’re here to help you do the best you can with the tools you have. Our Pregnancy course tackles food (including aversions), exercise, movement, and lifestyle - from stress to sleep - and helps you optimize your journey while staying realistic. No perfectionism or impossible-to-implement information here!

Postpartum Wellness & Parenthood

This is where it gets real real. After baby arrives, it’s a whole new journey - one where taking care of yourself can become an afterthought (or a never-thought). The Birth & Postpartum course prepares you to eat well, move and exercise properly, and live as healthfully as you can while balancing the intense demands of parenthood. We’re here with you for every reality check, every challenge, every late-night Google-fest.

The Core Four

Our program is centered around modules in our “Core Four" course: Nutrition, Exercise & Movement, Stress, and Sleep. Each one of these tackles what you need to know to rock the journey to and through parenthood.


Exercise & Movement



In our Nutrition module, we tackle the food, supplements, and dietary factors that will get you the nutrients you need for natural fertility, pregnancy wellness, and a healthy postpartum experience. We also supply you with recipes that contain important fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum nutrients!


In our Exercise & Movement module, we address new and surprising ways to move your body to prepare for conception, to maintain pregnancy fitness, and to recover postpartum.


In our Stress module, we give you easy, helpful, scientifically-proven strategies to reduce stress from fertility through postpartum. This is critical - and even doctors aren’t talking about it enough!


In our Sleep module, we teach you how sleep optimizes natural fertility, pregnancy wellness, and postpartum recovery - and we give you simple, proven strategies for maximizing the sleep you get (because sometimes, you’re getting less than you might like).

This program is filled with OMG! moments that will make you a more prepared parent.

Did you know:

There’s more than one form of folic acid, and research shows that only one of them is best for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum? [nutrition, core module #1]

Certain forms of movement and exercise can increase your chances of conceiving, keep you fit during pregnancy without over-exertion, and may even enable you to birth more comfortably and recover better postpartum? [exercise & movement, core module #2]

Stress comes in many forms, both physical and mental, and they can ALL affect fertility, pregnancy and postpartum recovery - but there are easy, FREE tools to tackle it that don’t require a visit to the therapist? (Although we LOVE our therapists!) [stress, core module #3]

You can use simple strategies to optimize your sleep hormones to boost natural fertility, help you stay healthy during pregnancy, and keep those postpartum late-night wakings from wrecking your health? [sleep, core module #4]

Who's in Charge?

The Baby Making & Beyond program is the brainchild of our mom-in-chief/head question-asker (and bestselling author!) Liz Wolfe, NTP and Meg “the Midwife” Reburn, whose passion for supporting women in all stages of parenthood made Baby Making & Beyond happen.


Liz Wolfe, NTP

When her daughter was born, Liz spent many a late-night frantically Googling...everything. She wished there was a one-stop-shop for EXPERT support and education - and very little fluff, dated advice, or heated comments sections. When she didn't find what she wanted, she decided to create it herself!

Meg Reburn

Meg, a registered midwife who has witnessed both hospital and home births, has spent years supporting women through fertility, pregnancy and postpartum - including Liz! She carries that passion through Baby Making & Beyond. She's our resident hormone guru, baby catcher, and parent-calmer.

In order to bring you the best education available, Liz and Meg assembled a team of researchers (we’ve got Master’s Degrees and PhDs on our team!) to ensure each class in our course is filled with the best, most current, checked-and-double-checked information possible.

We’re also bringing you this information in video, audio and written format so you can learn in the way that best suits you.

We’re with you for every question, every concern, and every reality check that comes your way.


Bring it on, baby. We’re ready for you!

What's the investment?

Baby Making & Beyond: Core Four is currently priced at $99, and this includes lifetime access to:

  • Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum/Parenthood education
  • A full course centered around our “Core Four”
  • Nutrition education
  • Supplement reviews
  • Digestive wellness spotlight
  • Nourishing recipes for all stages
  • Exercise and movement education
  • Pelvic alignment tips
  • Stress education: hidden and not-so-hidden stressors
  • Stress relief: how to bring down lifestyle stress and stress hormones
  • Sleep tips and tricks - and how to maximize what you (and baby) can get
  • Video, written, and audio (coming soon) education to serve visual and auditory learners
  • An ever-expanding library of bonus features including hormone education, Q&A and recipes


We want to help you feel supported, confident, and in control by putting everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) in one course.
See you inside!

-Liz, Meg, and the BMB team

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